Krisha is tired. It seems she is as busy as Frank used to be. Krisha’s friend said her nose ring is “gilding the lily.” She is house-sitting and dog-sitting for that friend. Krisha is moving this week. When she moved as a child, her family used the flower van from the funeral home where Krisha’s parents worked. She has fond memories of roller-skating in the basement of the funeral home.

Frank ended up planning his mother’s funeral and being the emcee for her wake. As he was speaking, his grandsons decided to join Frank at the podium.

Frank got a burpee-like workout while trying on shoes. You have to sit on the floor to change shoes and then stand up to walk in them.

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Krisha is dressed like a little boy at the Bearden Beer Market. Frank only recognized her by spying a pigtail under her backwards baseball cap.

Krisha has to put on her full costume and makeup later that night to perform at Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre.

Krisha’s purse is very heavy. She empties the purse while looking for the hand sanitizer she wants to show Frank.

Frank says Krisha looks like the funny carpenter on a home improvement reality show. Krisha says she is dressed like a girl who drinks beer.

Krisha and Frank develop a new theory about Clarice, girlfriend of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

They are happy with their progress in gaining YouTube subscribers but now need to reach 500 and then 1,000 subscribers.

Krisha saw a bear in a Gatlinburg parking garage. Frank has a theory about the bears in the Great Smoky Mountains. Bears have been spotted in cars, cabins, and candy stores.

Frank almost lost his prescription sunglasses at Anakeesta but GSMNP Superintendent Cassius Cash saved the day with two words.
Krisha sent Frank a photo of her showprep notes while she was enjoying a beer at 1:05 p.m. which starts a conversation about day-drinking.

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Krisha is performing in Gatlinburg. She gets tested for the virus every three weeks. When Frank was working during the pandemic, he was in a room alone. He considers himself to be an extrovert reactor. 

They find it funny that even though they are out of radio, they are going to have to start having weekly programming and promotion meetings.

Krisha says sneezing will hurt her new nose piercing. Frank wants to sell Krisha & Frank merchandise because he watched two vloggers called Yankee in the South and Carpetbagger on YouTube, who sell their merchandise online. 

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Frank is losing sleep with excitement over the podcast. In less than a week, the Krisha & Frank Show received over 500 Facebook likes and over 250 YouTube subscribers. Frank compares Krisha to Lincoln and Churchill.

Today’s commercial is for Hutch & Howard Group, Keller Williams Real Estate.

Krisha’s daughter Hanah is getting her learner’s permit and just went through her first break-up. She’s 16 but showing great maturity. Frank is reminded of getting fixed up with a date for his high school prom.


Krisha saves caterpillars but Frank worries they might be the harmful kind.
Krisha got a tattoo after she encountered a turtle on Mount LeConte.
Today’s commercial is for Oak Ridge Playhouse but devolves into them gushing over actress Marybeth Davis.
Frank wants to grow food in his yard but has had mixed results. Frank’s wife suggested a way for him to scare animals away from the baby peach tree and Krisha is shocked.


Frank confesses that he left his old car in the driveway for far too long and the proof is online. Krisha got her non-used used car for free.

Today’s commercial is for – don’t forget the S

What have you permanently started doing or permanently stopped doing because of the pandemic? Krisha started running and Frank started doing yard work, which they will continue even though they both hate their new activities.