Krisha & Frank visit Sharp’s Ridge Veterans Memorial Park, which has a great view of downtown Knoxville. Krisha tells Frank about her first radio job at a station on Sharp’s Ridge. The last time Frank went to the Park, it cost him a $1,000 repair bill. Frank tells Krisha how he was warned to avoid the “pickle park” when he first moved to Knoxville. When Frank worked on the Ridge, he would see wild turkeys outside the studio window.

Krisha looked up the words added to the dictionary in the years she and Frank were born. Frank tries to guess what song was number one when Krisha was born. The top songs of that year remind Frank of listening to Sandy Weaver on Q107 in Washington, D.C.

Krisha took a radio class in the Andrew Johnson Building, which was once the hotel where Hank Williams, Sr. spent his final night. Several artists performed their last show in Knoxville, including George Jones, Sergei Rachmaninoff, and Randy Rhoads.

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