Krisha asks about Frank’s back pain. His daughter suggested he try yoga. Neighbor Nancy pointed out that Frank’s property line is farther back than he thought it was.

Krisha is using Frank’s Dollywood coffee mug, which he received as a gift from Chef Pepin. Frank and Chef Pepin clicked when they were talking about the history of Bacardi Rum.

Krisha used to go Latin dancing in Orlando and sometimes goes dancing in Knoxville.

Frank admits to editing out an awkward part of their visit to a CBD cafe. Tonya Cinnamon has sent money via PayPal to buy buttermilk and cornbread for Krisha to eat on camera tomorrow. You can also send money via PayPal to KrishaAndFrank @ gmail .com

Frank was worried that Krisha didn’t like his coffee. He tells her about a Yuban commercial in which a woman thinks, “He never asks for a second cup at home.” Krisha says Frank does make strong coffee and that she likes it but that too much caffeine makes her uncomfortable.

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