Frank is relieved that Krisha was only toying with him when he mentioned perimenopause at the end of yesterday’s episode. Krisha & Frank are making progress toward their goal of surpassing 1,000 YouTube subscribers. Please ask a friend to subscribe.

Tonya Cinnamon sent money via PayPal with a challenge for Krisha to drink buttermilk on the show. You can send money via PayPal to KrishaAndFrank @ gmail .com

Krisha’s granny and Frank’s grandma both drank buttermilk. Krisha’s granny grew up in a house with a party-line phone. The buttermilk Frank bought has locust bean gum and other additives in the ingredients. They agree it tastes bad and then dip cornbread in the buttermilk.

Krisha recalls doing radio interviews with country music artists. Frank points out some common traits of deejays interviewing celebrities. He and Krisha have similar methods of conducting interviews. She talks about the challenges of doing back-to-back interviews during a press junket. Some of the men are “grab-handy.” Frank tells about interviewing a famous rocker at the MTV Video Music Awards press junket.

Frank recalls going to see a comedy show by his friend Rodney Lee Conover and Ted Bigballs Ramsey. Krisha recalls being on nationwide conference calls with radio people with strange names.

Today’s episode is sponsored by (don’t forget the S) where you can buy books and merchandise autographed by world-renowned forensic anthropologist Dr. Bill Bass.

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