Krisha & Frank went to the funeral for Bill Slayden, a founding member of Einstein Simplified. Krisha had planned on paying her respects at the visitation and leaving before the service. Frank and his wife planned on staying for the whole thing. There were seven comedy improvisers in attendance and they all sat together and joked about having enough people to put on a show. Their friend Dave said that Frank “has no chill.”

Krisha started getting emotional during the eulogies. Frank said he had a great time. Dave said the people behind the comedians moved to other seats. Frank points out that Dave’s time on the phone with Krisha & Frank is the most he has heard of the podcast.

Krisha felt sorry for Frank’s wife because she had to put up with the joking by all the improvisers who hadn’t seen each other since March. Krisha says their joke level was turned up to 11 and that they were using comedy to numb their emotions.

Krisha went home from the funeral, cooked comfort food, and binge-watched The Queen’s Gambit. Frank got an email from his mom’s church congratulating him on how well he organized her funeral. Krisha would be willing to work at a funeral home. Frank imagines a “Brook & Murphy” funeral business.

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