Krisha’s outfit reminds Frank of the “Choreography” number from White Christmas. Krisha mentions A Christmas Carol and Frank tells her about the time he played Scrooge’s nephew Fred in a production of it at KLOS. The cast was a mixture of KLOS employees and celebrities including Mark Hamill, Kevin Pollak, Jenna Elfman, and Jim J. Bullock. You can watch the radio broadcast at

Krisha noticed some Christmas gifts that Frank’s wife Jere has already wrapped. Frank got them mixed up with other gifts going to his grandchildren, leading Jere to ask, “Were you even there?” Krisha discovers that Jere wraps gifts for herself but labels them “from Frank.”

Frank says it is normal for Jere to buy herself something nice and wrap it up for Christmas. Leave a comment with your opinion. He has also bought her gifts like a mixer and a washer and dryer. Frank checks Jere’s Amazon wish list to see if there’s something she wants this year.

Amazon suggests that Frank buy a Playskool Sit ‘n Spin, which you can order at this link: They say it is an Amazon exclusive and it is #1 in “spinning tops.”

The top item on Jere’s wishlist is a Chromebook like the one Frank uses. You can order a Chromebook here:

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