It’s one week before Christmas Eve and Krisha & Frank wonder where the time has gone. Krisha asks if Frank has completed his Christmas shopping. He says he did buy something for his wife Jere but hasn’t gotten anything for Krisha yet.

Krisha liked to give her kids gifts that are experiences such as concert tickets. This year one of her kids asked for a pair of Doc Martens, which are very expensive. Frank suggested giving one boot now and one later.

Frank’s friend Bean watched as Krisha & Frank hosted the Karns Network’s livestream of the Karns Christmas Parade on Saturday.

Krisha & Frank were impressed with the professionalism of the Karns High School students working on the parade coverage. The Karns Fair and Parade Board donated $400 to the Karns Network to help cover the cost of the brand-new equipment they purchased for the livestream.

Krisha was tickled by Frank’s self-criticism about the parade and by his comment about how slow the Karns Volunteer Fire Department was driving. Mindy Thomas of TriStar Twirl wondered how the parade announcer knew the name of her father-in-law. Frank’s wife teased him for referring to the Fairest of the Fair winners as being from “his pageants.”

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