A YouTube viewer asked for an update on Avogadro the Avocado plant. Frank stresses Krisha out and then she says something funny to relieve the tension. Krisha took a Praxis test to be a teacher. Frank thinks the name sounds like a mispronunciation.

Krisha is the same age as the “vintage” posters at Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre. When Frank was 40, he went to Alaska and decided he could visit all 50 states by the time he turned 50. Krisha wants to spend a year driving around the country.

Krisha was preparing to go running when she encountered a group of mature women taking a line-dancing class in a parking lot. They invited her to participate. One woman couldn’t believe how easily Krisha learned the steps. Frank can relate because he had to learn new choreography for The Nutcracker in 2019. His “ballet wife” had no trouble learning it and dragging Frank through the new steps.

To celebrate her “old-lady line-dancing” Krisha went to dinner at 4:15 p.m. at Cracker Barrel before going to the “bougie Kroger” at Kingston Pike and Cedar Bluff. Frank had mistakenly thought the “bougie Kroger” was the one where the college girls can be seen “lampshading” after they go to Sun Tan City.

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