One of Frank’s neighbors has hung a giant red ornament in a gnarled, bent tree. It is reminiscent of Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree.

Frank helped his grandson with an at-home learning assignment. Artie called on FaceTime to read his list of vocabulary words and then look for those items around his house.

Krisha’s kids switched to virtual learning. It’s hard to keep up with the minute-by-minute schedule. A teacher told Frank that they see video games playing in the background during some Zoom calls with students.

Krisha bought a space heater at Lowe’s and was surprised to see so many dogs in the store. When she bought her Christmas tree there, she had to wrap it herself and carry it from the garden center to the main checkout. Krisha wants to put herself through the tree-netting device.

When Frank lived in California, he was surprised to see wooden criss-cross Christmas tree stands like ones on A Charlie Brown Christmas. Krisha hung stockings in her new home for herself and her kids.

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