Krisha & Frank are asking for more YouTube subscribers. Krisha saw a mashup of “All I Want for Christmas Is You” and “I Will Always Love You” on TikTok. She follows Stephen Sondheim on TikTok. Frank looks online to discover that Sondheim is 90 years old.

A viewer named Doro requested that Krisha & Frank attempt Scottish accents while reading a list of snowplow names. Frank once used his Scottish accent to salvage an improv show after an audience member gave an inappropriate suggestion for a guessing game.

Krisha enjoys watching Siobhan Thompson do different accents from England and Ireland on the Anglophenia YouTube channel. Krisha is reminded that she needs to buy some HP Sauce as a gift. You can order HP Sauce on Amazon at this link:

Frank’s friend Bean lives in London and talks about minty biscuits on his podcast. You can order Viscount Mint Cream biscuits from Amazon at this link:

If the British word for cookies is biscuits, what would they call a buttermilk biscuit from the South? Krisha’s favorite cookie is Nutter Butter. There used to be a cookie called Fudge Town. Frank loves pfeffernüsse cookies.

Today’s episode is sponsored by (don’t forget the S) where you can buy books and merchandise autographed by world-renowned forensic anthropologist Dr. Bill Bass.

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