It’s the 6th day of Christmas. Krisha only has two shows left at Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre before it permanently closes. Traffic has been extremely heavy in Gatlinburg. She is looking forward to getting outside and running more often.

Frank has a list of reasons why he hates winter. His mom had prints of three paintings by her cousin. The prints show scenes of autumn, winter, and spring. Frank Jr. will take two of the prints but somehow Frank Sr. got stuck with the winter print, which he doesn’t want.

Krisha donated some coats to charity. She had hoped to volunteer on Christmas Day but the charities she asked were not accepting volunteers due to COVID.

A few years ago, Jere’s mom was in a hospice on Christmas Day. Frank and Jere were looking for an open restaurant that morning. They went into a pancake restaurant but found out that the restaurant was only serving homeless people that morning.

That afternoon, they were listening to Handel’s Messiah on WETA-FM in the hospice room. Jere sang along with the Hallelujah Chorus and her mom passed shortly thereafter.

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