Krisha’s social media hiatus has inspired Frank to cut back his time on Facebook. He finds himself watching more YouTube videos. Krisha watches a YouTube series called You Suck at Cooking, which reminds Frank of the chuck roast he and his wife Jere cooked on Sunday.

They started cooking the roast too late in the day. It was mostly cooked by 10:00 p.m. Jere sat up with the crock pot until 11 o’clock. Frank broke a fancy Pampered Chef corkscrew while trying to open a bottle of red wine for the pot roast recipe.

Frank recalls using a plain corkscrew as a child when his parents asked him to open their wine. Krisha recalls a time when she was 15 and a cop called and asked her to pick up her mother from a bar.

Krisha has some bruises on her face. Frank thinks she has done a mortician-quality job of covering it with makeup. A wooden wall hanging hit her in the head. When she was a kid, she got hit by a number falling from a gas station’s price sign.

Frank thinks the wall hanging should have been better secured. In California, Jere would use earthquake tack to keep objects from falling.

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