Krisha & Frank are excited about their new logo, designed by local artist Jody Collins of Feral Giant. Krisha added the Bernie Sanders meme to the logo.

Krisha designed some merchandise on Teespring. She wants to put the logo on sweatpants. She what she’s done so far here:

Krisha is excited about some milder weather in late January. Frank fears that it’s a setup and that a March snowstorm could still happen. They both recall where they were during the blizzard of 1993.

Frank tries to stifle an eructation. Krisha thinks it sounds like a made-up word. She measured a tripod to determine its “longth.” They enjoy her made-up word until Frank immediately regrets looking up the meaning of it in Australian slang. Don’t look.

Krisha likes to refer to 12:30 p.m. as “noon thirty.” Frank is reminded of the made-up word “heighth.” Frank enjoyed watching a movie on Netflix about the creation of the Oxford English Dictionary. It’s called The Professor and the Madman.

Krisha and Frank realize that podcast, vodcast, and vlog are all made-up words that describe their show.

Today’s episode is sponsored by (don’t forget the S) where you can buy books and merchandise autographed by world-renowned forensic anthropologist Dr. Bill Bass.

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