Frank apologizes for clapping his hands too close to Krisha, causing a ringing her ear. In episode 53, Frank tried some Ring Relief ear drops. He’s had some success with them recently. You can buy the same Ring Relief ear drops via our affiliate marketing link at

Fr. Bill McKenzie and Frank’s friend Bean have ordered Krisha & Frank merchandise at Krisha is now thinking of making logo underpants.

Frank and his wife straightened up the house in preparation for a video shoot. They found several old items in the junk drawer, including some paper dolls of the family made by Frank’s daughter. They also found some extra Christmas gift tags, that Frank plans to use in five years.

Krisha prefers to drive on long road trips but Frank does not. His wife is good at long drives on the Interstate while Frank prefers city driving.

Frank wants to take a bag of accumulated coins to the bank but he doesn’t want to put them in paper rolls and he doesn’t want to pay a fee to have the coins counted. Krisha is waiting with bated breath to see what happens.

Today’s episode is sponsored by The Middleburg Barn at Fox Chase Farm. The Middleburg Barn is a perfect venue with rustic luxury for your wedding or special event. Located 40 miles outside D.C and 25 minutes from Dulles Airport. Visit or call 540-687-5255

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