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Krisha is wearing a new sweater that she bought in the kids section of a clothing store in the mall. Frank makes the mistake of mentioning that the sweater is not stretched out, like some of Krisha’s other sweaters. Krisha has temporarily changed the way she gets dressed because of her new tattoo.

Krisha & Frank realize that Krisha needs a cubby or a locker “at work,” which is actually Frank’s house. He will talk to his wife about giving Krisha a drawer or space in a cabinet.

They used to joke that Krisha was allowed on the podcast porch but not in the house. Frank is reminded of several celebrities’ homes he visited while working at KLOS. All of the celebrities insisted that the radio interviews be conducted in the driveway or on the patio.

Krisha tells Frank that family members couldn’t send books to relatives in prison. The books had to be shipped directly from the publisher. Frank jokes that the policy prevented family members from hiding shivs in the books.

On Tuesday, Krisha & Frank hosted the Pigeon Forge Chamber of Commerce Iron Awards. Krisha wore pantyhose and a dress. Frank made sure that someone in the audience took a picture of her, since she went to all that trouble.

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