Krisha got a vintage faux-fur hat from her friends. She stayed off social media for a month, returning on February 1 to share posts about the Krisha & Frank Show and the partnership with Krisha & Frank realize that some content they might have posted on social media is better off being saved for the podcast.

Krisha made tea when she arrived at the house. Frank can’t understand why he has so much tea in the house. He suspects that the tea Krisha is drinking has been in the house for many years. Krisha noticed that the microwave was still very clean.

Frank’s wife Jere had scrubbed the microwave two weeks ago in preparation for a visit from a WATE-TV cameraman. Frank has kept in clean by putting a paper plate over his food as he reheats it. He reuses the plate similar to the way his mother-in-law did.

Krisha had dinner with a friend but didn’t want to wash dishes and risk putting them away wrong. When Frank’s kids visit they sometimes put away kitchen utensils in different drawers.

Krisha went to Walmart to buy wiper blades. At the same time, Frank was in Sam’s Club and his wife was in Walmart. Krisha found Jere in the store to say hi. Frank was surprised that Krisha travels to the West Knoxville Walmart. She says shoppers are more likely to wear masks at that location. Frank says it’s because of the proximity to Trader Joe’s.

Frank was recently interviewed by Neal Michaels and John Ashton on The Approach Shot podcast. Krisha noticed that they mispronounced her name as “Kreeesha.” Frank thinks it’s because Amazon Alexa also mispronounces her name that way. Krisha rhymes with Tricia.

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