Krisha wants to make a cup of tea using the last teabag from the same box she used last week. Frank shows her that the “sell by” date on the box is 03/24/06. Frank wonders if his wife inherited the tea from her mother.

Krisha went to a socially distant performance at a beer garden. Upon arriving, she saw some people she would rather avoid. They invited her to sit with them. She declined and sat alone.

Krisha enjoys doing things alone such as going to a restaurant, brewery, or theatre. Frank doesn’t go out alone unless he is going to an event for work, where he would encounter other people. He can’t imagine avoiding people at a restaurant. If he wanted to be alone, he would stay home or order food to go.

Krisha will go to a movie alone. Frank’s wife Jere does that also. He can’t remember going to a movie alone since sneaking out to see Animal House on its opening day.

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