Frank accompanied his wife to Greene County for her to receive the vaccine. They were in the car for 4 hours before being able to take a bathroom break. In hindsight, they should have found a bathroom before getting into the drive-through vaccine line.

Today is T.A.C.O. Tuesday. Krisha & Frank Talk About Content Out of a basket. Today’s topic is songs you remember from your childhood or your children’s childhoods. Krisha recalls “A Tooty Ta” and a song about someone who works in a button factory. Frank remembers “Why Does the Sun Shine?” from the Tom Glazer and Dottie Evans album titled Space Songs. You can buy Space Songs at this link:

They Might Be Giants recorded a cover version of “Why Does the Sun Shine?” for their 1993 EP, which you can buy at this link: Krisha likes their song “Alphabet of Nations,” which makes Frank think of “Wakko’s America” and “Yakko’s World” by the Animaniacs. Krisha starts singing “The Song that Doesn’t End” from Lamb Chop’s Play-Along followed by “I Can Sing a Rainbow.”

Today’s episode is sponsored by Steve’s Tree Service. They have excellent ratings on Facebook, Google, Yelp, and neighborhood apps. Steve’s Tree Service serves Knox, Sevier, Blount, Anderson, Loudon, and Jefferson Counties. Call 865-257-6214.

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