Before starting a hike, Krisha texted Frank to tell him where she was going. Krisha has made Frank one of her emergency contacts and wanted him to know her whereabouts. Frank wants to know how long to wait before calling the police. Or should he drive to the scene?

You can set up your phone to call or text your emergency contacts. Check the settings on your device. Most phones will notify your emergency contacts when you press the power button five times rapidly.

Frank puts his foot in his mouth when he says he’s happy to be Krisha’s emergency contact because this show means the world to him. He wonders if he is now obligated to make Krisha his emergency contact.

Frank’s wife Jere wanted to win a Valentine’s prize at her job. They had a contest for the cheesiest clean pick-up lines. Jere asked Frank to submit some cheesy pick-up lines because the improv troupe Einstein Simplified plays games called “Pick-Up Lines” and “Pick-Up Artist.” Frank misses performing improv on stage.

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