Happy new month! Today is Krisha’s birthday eve eve.

Krisha asks Frank how he learned to drive a stick shift. He got a job driving the WEZR / AAA Public Service Vehicle. On his first day, he discovered that the jeep had a stick shift and he had to learn on the spot.

Krisha’s current car has a stick. Krisha’s parents had stick shift cars. She also drove the VW Thing that belonged to Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre. Last week, one of her friends asked her for a lesson.

How much do other people notice you on the road? Krisha felt self-conscious about how fast her windshield wipers were going. She then realized that other drivers don’t care about her wipers.

It’s hard to get a good screenshot from the show. When one is smiling and listening, the other one is telling a funny story and making a strange face.

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