In between recording videos for See More Smokies, Krisha & Frank stopped off at Sweet Fanny Adams during their costume sale. It was reminiscent of being there for the Gatlinburg Improv Fest, which isn’t happening this year due to the pandemic.

Several friends who are improvisers posted about how much they will miss performing and socializing at the GIF. Daniel Leach of Blue Plate Special commented that he and Chris Graf wanted to start a fake morning show podcast. Frank replied that he and Krisha prove that it’s not that hard to do a fake morning show podcast.

When Krisha leaves after a show, Frank still walks her out to her car and then goes to check the mail. Instead of walking down the driveway, he walks across the lawn so that Krisha doesn’t have to watch out for him while backing up. She says that Frank doesn’t look as she waves goodbye.

Krisha went to the mall to get her Fitbit steps. Frank says he’s been to the mall more often for radio broadcasts than for shopping. Krisha found that if she walks the entire perimeter of the mall twice, including each department store, she can get 10,000 steps.

Some people are renting empty storefronts in the mall for pop-up shops. Krisha thinks she and Frank should build a podcast studio in a mall storefront. Frank read about a Vegas hotel that is building a podcast studio in the lobby.

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