Frank bought 45 rolls of toilet paper for Krisha while he was at Sam’s Club. The next day, they met near the Sunsphere to interview Kathryn Frady of Marble City Opera. Kathryn arrived just as Krisha was transferring the toilet paper from Frank’s car to her own.

Krisha’s kids use a lot of toilet paper. Frank admits to using too many paper towels. Krisha has stopped using Clorox wipes after reading a study that overuse of disinfectants only leaves the strongest germs that aren’t killed by the wipes.

Frank got a part time radio job. The station’s offices are inside the Sunsphere. Frank noticed some parking spaces that say “Reserved for Sunsphere clients.” He texted the owner of the radio station to ask permission to park in the company spot.

Kathryn noticed the “No Swimming / No Wading” signs at World’s Fair Park. Krisha told Kathryn about swimming in the water on the Fourth of July during a paddle-boat race while Frank did live play-by-play on WBIR.

Marble City Opera presents the world premiere of Royal Flush by Frank Pesci on March 11, 12, and 13, 2021 at the Tennessee Amphitheater in World’s Fair Park. The opera is a comedy about four sisters playing poker with their mother, who knows all their “tells.” Tickets are on sale at

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