For Saturday’s travel vlog, Krisha & Frank visited Gatlinburg SkyLift Park for a second time. They had gone in January but the wind made the footage unusable. They have since purchased a better camera and microphones using money from advertisers.

In Saturday’s episode, Krisha noticed a pizza being sent up in a SkyLift chair. She says she can recognize the difference between brands of pizza by smell. If you want to send pizza money for Krisha to do a blind smell test, use PayPal to send money to KrishaAndFrank

Frank once went to a meetup of ex-New Yorkers to have pizza and Drake’s cakes. When he mentions the creamy filling, Krisha hits the cliche deejay bell. Frank says she gets to use it because her name is first on the show and because he is not a bell chauvinist.

At the meetup, they served pie from Brooklyn Pizza, which has since closed. The pizza chef now owns Little Nicky’s Pizza in Solway. Krisha wants to get some birthday cannolis from Little Nicky’s.

Frank is reminded of getting pizza with his dad at Columbus Circle after participating in an exercise program called “Saturday Morning Boys.” The boys would go to a calisthenics class followed by specialized classes in fencing, boxing, track, swimming, etc.

On her birthday, Krisha had a mani/pedi. Her fingernails were dipped. Frank stops her from showing her toenails on camera. He knows a young woman who gets creepy messages from guys asking to see her feet.

Krisha gets creepy direct messages from actual guys. Frank gets direct messages from fake accounts that use an attractive woman as the profile picture. Krisha & Frank both had to deal with unwanted messages from listeners when they worked in radio.

Today’s episode is sponsored by Steve’s Tree Service. They have excellent ratings on Facebook, Google, Yelp, and neighborhood apps. Steve’s Tree Service serves Knox, Sevier, Blount, Anderson, Loudon, and Jefferson Counties. Call 865-257-6214.

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