Krisha encountered a “Zumba Karen” when she participated in a fundraiser at Hey Bear Cafe. Frank keeps stalling in hopes of avoiding the topic Krisha has planned for the second half of the episode.

The Zumba-thon was in a large outdoor area. When some other women danced too close, Krisha dropped back as one would normally do in a dance class. At the end of a song, someone tapped her shoulder and said, “Ma’am…” while gesturing to indicate her personal space. The woman was in the last line and could have easily moved back.

Frank’s wife Jere told Krisha an embarrassing story about working in the same office as Frank’s mother. Jere’s roommates also worked in the office and were talking about Jere and her new fiance in front of Jere’s future mother-in-law. Frank reveals that on their first Valentine’s Day while dating, Frank gave Jere a photo of himself as a child.

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