Krisha forgot to bring an on-camera outfit to work. Frank looked in his son’s old bedroom and found a child’s medium jacket for Krisha to wear. He also looked in his own closet and found a Brooks Brothers shirt he’s never worn.

Frank’s new neighbor has two dogs that bark a lot while on a trolley leash. The neighbor plans to fence in the yard so the dogs can roam. Frank struck up a conversation with a surveyor who was marking the property line.

Krisha suggests that Frank buy an ultrasonic remote to push every time the dogs bark. There are several on Amazon, including the Zomma Anti Barking Device that you can see here: Frank gets hung up trying to figure out the diagonal of his pool using the formula a squared + b squared = c squared.

Krisha jokes that the remote might backfire and cause her to have a seizure or cause Frank to have a stroke or cause Frank’s wife to bark. Frank tells how Jere can be easily hypnotized. One time she fell under hypnosis while in the audience of a hypnotism show.

Krisha doesn’t believe in hypnosis. She recognized some actor friends who were paid to pretend they were hypnotized at a show on the midway of the fair.

There was an intern at KROQ named Big Tad who seemed to be very easily hypnotized. Hypnotist Tom Silver once re-hypnotized Tad over the phone.

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