Krisha is shimmying her shoulders to a song from Team Umizoomi. She had looked it up because Frank’s grandsons watched an episode with a ghost family. Artie wanted to know what made the kid ghost die. Frank wonders how Casper the Friendly Ghost died. In the 1995 movie version, Casper died of pneumonia.

Frank and his wife Jere bought a pair of Krisha & Frank jogging pants as a birthday gift for Krisha. She models them to show how the arrow in the logo points to the underpass. Frank bought a Krisha & Frank sweatshirt as a birthday gift for Jere.

Krisha went outside to drink a smoothie and locked herself out of her house while wearing her bathrobe. The landlord’s caretaker could bring a key in about an hour but Krisha only had an hour before she had to leave for work at a brand new job. She unsuccessfully tried to break into the house. Frank read a news story about thieves stealing items from unlocked cars in Knoxville.

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