Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Krisha & Frank practice their Irish accents. Frank says his Irish brogue got better by listening to his friend Fr. Michael Woods. Frank and his wife Jere visited Fr. Michael’s hometown in Ireland where they met Fr. Michael’s brother Kevin, who is a self-proclaimed leprechaun whisperer.

Frank and Jere visited the leprechaun cavern at the Shalom B&B in Carlingford. Kevin starts the tour by warning the group that everything he tells them will be a lie but they eat it up anyway. Here is the website: http://www.thelastleprechaunsofireland.com/

Krisha had a mishap at the mall. She was lost in thought on the escalator and face-planted when she reached the top. Frank gets an uncomfortable feeling as Krisha describes falling. Krisha accidentally licked a finger after using that hand to rub on some muscle liniment.

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