Frank mentions the Californians as an excuse to hear Krisha’s California accent. His new neighbor has had the property line surveyed in order to install a new fence for his dogs.

Next-door neighbor Nancy spotted a bird that made a hole in the wood siding on Frank’s house. Frank thinks there might be two different birds that have turned his house into their birdhouse.

Frank contacted a home improvement contractor. The guy said Frank’s name seemed familiar. Frank responded that his wife Jere was the singer at the funeral for the contractor’s mother.

Krisha went to a bar to play trivia. She sat near a well-dressed older woman who was not playing the trivia game. An attractive waitress with a full sleeve tattoo on one arm came to take drink orders. The older woman asked the waitress, “Why do you have all of those?”

Krisha has several tattoos but thinks she might be done. One exception is to make good on an old promise to get a Stormtrooper on her rear if her friend remembers the promise and pays for the tattoo.

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