Krisha & Frank are back on the set after posting some leftover footage on Friday’s show. They had recorded an adventure at Gatlinburg SkyLift Park in January but couldn’t use most of it due to sound issues. On the ride downhill Frank meant to say, “Is it a sign of mental illness if you smell things that aren’t there?” but left off “that aren’t there.”

Krisha had her first performance as Ma McCoy on Thursday. She was nervous before going on stage. While delivering her first line, she realized her microphone was not on. She was able to forget about her nervousness and focus on getting her microphone batteries replaced. She went on to have a great performance.

Krisha showed up to surprise Frank’s wife for her birthday. Krisha brought cupcakes, flowers, and a balloon. She arrived at the same time as a crew of workmen who were there to install a fence.

One year Jere challenged Frank to throw her a surprise party. Her best friend from high school announced she was coming to town for the surprise party. Frank orchestrated the surprise by having a party the night before Jere’s birthday and by having her parents fly in for it too.

Another year, Frank surprised Jere by taking her out to dinner and having the kids take the Megabus to Knoxville and show up at the restaurant.

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