A few weeks ago, Krisha added Frank to the emergency contacts on her phone. She was at a restaurant when her phone started acting weird. The phone sent an emergency message to the four people on Krisha’s list, including Frank and the friend with whom Krisha was having lunch.

The phone sent two photos and an audio message to Krisha’s emergency contacts. Other than the friend who was with her, the emergency contacts checked in with Krisha to make sure she was alright. One friend was especially concerned and needed to be reassured.

It’s T.A.C.O. Tuesday when Krisha & Frank Talk About Content Out of a basket. Today’s topic is: “What is your bug-out plan for the apocalypse?” They decide to focus on a sci-fi movie type of apocalypse instead of a Biblical apocalypse or a zombie apocalypse.

Krisha doubts she would survive an apocalypse like the ones in asteroid movies. She has looked up the radiation zones based on distance from Oak Ridge National Lab. Frank recalls the movie Blast from the Past which was about a family with a fallout shelter.

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