Krisha’s sleeve is wet because Frank accidentally dumped the top part of a Brita filter pitcher on her hand and wrist while trying to fill her tea cup.

Krisha & Frank both like Easter candy. When Frank auditioned for a radio job in Knoxville, he did a bit that involved stuffing as many Marshmallow Peeps in his mouth as he could.

Frank received a magazine from a supermarket that had a “recipe” for Peeps s’mores except that they wouldn’t use the word Peeps, instead referring to the product as “sugar-coated chick or bunny marshmallows.”

Krisha made a Facebook post that said “In a relationship… with Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs.” It got lots of comments and reactions. Krisha likes the ratio of chocolate to peanut butter in the eggs better than in standard peanut butter cups.

Krisha likes to shop in the “old-people candy section” at the drugstore. She gets spearmint leaves, orange slices, and other candies.

Frank’s mother’s cousin sent a nice message to Krisha & Frank via Facebook. The message arrived one evening after Frank had been working in the yard and had decided to offer up his physical discomfort for the souls of the dead, especially his father.

Cousin Bill’s message mentioned that Frank’s dad always said he was proud of Frank, which came as a surprise. Frank forwarded the message to his sisters, one of whom questioned Frank’s thought that their dad might be in purgatory.

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