Frank’s wife Jere brought home some items from his mother’s house, including two antique chairs. Krisha goes to the living room to see the chairs. Frank didn’t know that his mom used to like telling the story of how Frank bought the chairs for her in the summer after she was widowed.

Frank’s wife also brought home the puppets that Frank had as a child. They remind Krisha of some of the puppets from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Krisha didn’t react well to an attempt at puppet therapy for her ADD as a child. She was given Ritalin but finally found help by taking dance classes.

Krisha has been training to be a stage manager at the Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Feud. She finds that she really loves running the sound board at the theater.

Her intense work schedule leaves her exhausted on her one day off per week. Frank thought she slept all day because of her second vaccine shot but she said it was because of the long hours at work.

The nurse asked Frank about his “little friend” when he got his second shot. He was prepared for side effects. He took a nap and had chicken noodle soup at the ready however he had no reaction to the shot.

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