Krisha & Frank are recording this week’s shows in Krisha’s living room. Frank says it feels like an “away game” for him. Today is the first day of the Krisha & Frank Show’s new affiliate marketing arrangement with Amazon Music. Get Amazon Music Unlimited free for 30 days! Go to

Krisha changed banks and got a new ATM card. In the process of removing her old card from Amazon, the podcast’s debit card was charged $12 for one of her subscriptions. Meanwhile, Frank saw the errant charge on the bank statement and thought it might be fraudulent. He called the bank but never thought to ask Krisha. She looked at their ledger and saw that Frank had typed “theft” in red, in bold, and in all-caps.

Krisha and her boyfriend had a contest to see who could accumulate the most free pens at area businesses. During the course of a day, they gathered 48 pens.

Frank was brainstorming titles for Friday’s episode and asked his two children for help. He had considered “Puppetry Amigos,” “Puppetry of Life,” and “They Call It Puppet Love.” Meaghan thought of “A Show of Hands,” which became the actual title. Frank Jr. suggested “Puppet… We’ll Do It Live.”

One of Krisha’s co-workers questioned the thumbnail on Saturday’s YouTube episode. It was a screengrab from when Krisha joked that she used moonshine as mouthwash each morning. Frank asked if she was “lying or truthing” and believed her when she said “truthing.”

Today’s episode is sponsored by (don’t forget the S) where you can buy books and merchandise autographed by world-renowned forensic anthropologist Dr. Bill Bass.

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