Krisha has been working full time at a theater in Pigeon Forge. Frank congratulates her on accomplishing the dream of those who have a “day job” and wish to work in the entertainment business full-time.

In addition to acting and stage-managing, Krisha has been learning how to clog dance and how to play the mandolin. Next she will learn to be a stunt diver in the show.

Krisha’s journey of self-discovery reminds Frank of a terrible song called “I’ve Never Been to Me.” Frank’s wife has filled in on some See More Smokies episodes. Frank chose locations that would be too far away for Krisha to attend.

Krisha hasn’t seen any cicadas in Sevier County. Frank thinks his property is the border for the cicadas in his neighborhood. He has cicadas in his yard but there are none across the street.

Frank’s daughter has to sweep the cicadas off her porch to avoid stepping on them. Frank Jr. explained that the 17-year cicadas and the 13-year cicadas are successful because their life cycles are relatively large prime numbers.

Frank saw a David Attenborough video about the mating call of the 17-year cicadas. Attenborough snapped his fingers to imitate the sound of the female cicada and made a male cicada follow the snapping sound.

After today’s show, Frank is headed downtown to host the video stream for Marble City Opera’s production of Tosca. He is very proud of Jere, who is in the opera chorus. In-person tickets are sold out but the online stream can be purchased at

Today’s episode is sponsored by Steve’s Tree Service. They have excellent ratings on Facebook, Google, Yelp, and neighborhood apps. Steve’s Tree Service serves Knox, Sevier, Blount, Anderson, Loudon, and Jefferson Counties. Call 865-257-6214.

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