Krisha & Frank are back with a super-sized Thanksgiving Special. Their normal schedule resumes on Monday.

Frank points out that the balloons in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade are inflated, not “blown up.” Next-door neighbor Nancy is often in the Macy’s Parade. This year, Dolly Parton will be in the parade.

Krisha recalls her older cousins drinking beer in the driveway on Thanksgiving. Frank would learn a new magic trick to entertain his grandparents before Thanksgiving dinner.

Santa Joe Moore sent a special greeting to Krisha & Frank. You can schedule a video chat with Santa at Use the JingleID code Jingle301 to talk with Santa Joe.

Frank saw local meteorologist Becca Sweet report from a children’s museum in which they inflated balloons using vinegar and baking soda. He and Krisha do the experiment in the backyard. Put baking soda in a balloon. Put vinegar in a bottle. Put the balloon on the bottle and drop the baking soda from the balloon into the vinegar.

Krisha brought crayons and construction paper to make handprint turkeys. Frank has never made one before. Frank’s wife looked up some turkey fun facts. A young male is a jake and a young female is a jenny. The wattle dangles under a turkey’s chin and the snood is over the beak and sometimes drapes down.

Daniel Leach of Snipe Hunt Media sent an email with his Thanksgiving greeting. Krisha & Frank met him at the Gatlinburg Improv Fest.

Frank bought some local hard cider to try. His wife Jere made gluten-free pumpkin chocolate-chip cookies. She used butter instead of coconut oil. You can find the original dairy-free recipe at

Frank recalls that his dad bought a favorite pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving but accidentally ruined it when he got home. Their friend Bean objected to A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving because the bird Woodstock eats turkey. Frank sent him a list of dozens of birds that eat other birds, including turkey vultures.

Krisha & Frank both love eggnog from Weigel’s, a local convenience store. Frank thinks Kurt Weigel should buy ads on the podcast. Frank put a National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation moose mug on his Amazon wish list. You can order one here:

For the show finale, Krisha & Frank host their own Thanksgiving Day parade featuring actual helium-filled balloons, including SpongeBob and Elmo. People smiled at Krisha when she carried the balloons. Frank thinks he would look like Carl Fredricksen, the old man from Up.

Krisha wanted to be a Radio City Rockette and tries to demonstrate. While cleaning up the mess, they show a Thanksgiving video from Artie, Timmy, and Charlie.

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